Voyageur Quest and Voyageur Outfitting

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Algonquin Outfitting - Canoe Rentals

Algonquin Outfitting - Items & Gear

Algonquin Outfitting Canoe Outpost - Overnight Cabins

Algonquin Outfitting Outpost Store

Voyageur Outfitting Store

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Algonquin Outfitting - Broken Paddle Patio

Duke of Edinburgh Adventures

Voyageur Outfitting Winter

Winter Gear Rentals

We have a range of snowshoes and cross country skis available for rent

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Winter Guided Day Trips

Explore Algonquin for the day with seasoned wilderness guides!

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Winter Outfitting Accommodation

Extend your stay by staying in a heated wall tent or cozy cabin after a day of snowshoeing, skiing or learning winter skills

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